October 31, 2010

I Don't Know Why

I still thinking of you till now. I don't know why. I think you are not handsome, you are not special, you are not romantic, you are just ordinary man. I haven't found anything that makes me always thinking of you. I still remember everything about you. I still remember every detail of your behavior to me and it forced me to always remember with all the memories. I should hate you now, because you don't care about me anymore. But I can't.  I don't know why.

The New Product of Lomography

Lomography Sprocket Rocket

  • Uses all types of standard 35mm film.
  •  Super-wide angle lens that captures the whole width of the film, including sprockets!
  •  Unique dual scrolling knobs make multiple exposures easier than ever!
  •   B-setting for long exposures.
  •   Zone-focusing.
  •   Hot-shoe for flash and built-in standard tripod thread

October 28, 2010


I do not know what is in your mind. two months ago you seemed to disappear and don't care about myself anymore. Yesterday you came back, you are so nice, but to day you changed again.

Don't you know? I hate being such a kooky girl and start doing something weird and out of my mind when I'm sitting beside you. I try so hard to stay calm but my heart's pounding so fast like it gonna pop out of its place. Even when you are not beside me, you're still everywhere over my head like a disease.. "I Hate You".
I guess I'm in Love, I don't know if I'm really gonna fall for somebody this time, All I know, you've stolen my attention.

October 27, 2010

0% Editing

I took these photo with toy cam and 35mm film, without flash and absolutely 0% editing.

I don't know what is this
Jogja in the morning

In the dark room


morning spirit

October 26, 2010

Yogyakarta in The Morning

Jogja is one of tourist destination in Indonesia. Many foreign tourists come to Yogyakarta. I think Jogja is an exotic city, uniqe culture, public life, and very unique culinary. One of the places are always visited by tourists is Malioboro. On Sunday morning, me and my friend accidentally went to Malioboro to find the object image, I chose to go in the morning because in the morning the road was not too crowded. This is one of my picture I took using the toy cam with 35mm color film.

On the way to Malioboro


October 25, 2010

Feels Like a B & W Film

Tonight I feel so alone. I just sitting on my bed with my notebook, "googling", and listening a song by saybia "The second you sleep". I feel so empty, there is nothing in my heart, Just Black and White in my head like a B & W Film.

Indeed, I really miss him. Someone who often call me at night, sing a song till I slept, Wake me up at the morning, and always make me happy. I miss his eyes, miss his voice, miss the way he hold my hand, miss the way he talk, miss the way he look in my eyes, and miss everithing about him. But I don't know if he felt the same or not. I hope he  knows what I feel and call me later.

October 24, 2010

The most easily found film "35mm film"

Lomography is a part of analogue photography use a special camera That Called LOMO camera. Lomography need film to take pictures. There are many films that can be used in LOMOGRAPHY, size and type of films should be adjusted to the camera. Types of films include 35mm film, 120mm film, Redscale Film, Black & White Film, Color Film, and much More types and brands of film. Type of film that I posted today is the kind of 35mm film. 35mm film is one film that is still easy and many are found in the photography shop. There are some kind and brand of 35mm film.

Lommography 35mm Films
Rollei Retro 400/35mm
Kodak EliteChrome EB
Fuji Acros 35

Agfa APX 100

October 23, 2010

I'm Alone

This photo was taken by B.. ^^
It's taken when I was standing behind the window and waiting for someone.

October 20, 2010

The Holga Accesories


The light-weight, no-fuss Holga Fisheye Lens slips right on to the lens barrel. Wild 170-degree Fisheye wizardry at a friendly price.


The world's fiercest accessory lens for your Holga. Fix this bad boy on your Holga's lens for huge corner vignetting and a circular blurring effect which is absolutely unreal.


With this handy 2-piece set, shooting 35mm through the Holga has never been easier! This adaptor allows you to feed in regular 35mm film for your full-size 120 Holga!




October 17, 2010

Supersampler Technique

There are several techniques used to take pictures with supersampler. Each technique produces a different picture.


X marks the Supersampler spot! Load up some slide film, execute your favorite Supersampler technique, and ask the film lab to "cross-process" it - dunking your film in the "wrong" chemicals fires up all the colors in your image! Follow it up with another X-rated trick - the Double-Exposure, that is. Shoot your roll, rewind it very carefully, and reload the film! Doing this allows you to super-impose a stream of images over your used roll.


Stretch things up a bit with this easy trick! Flex your arms and pan your Supersampler from left-to-right, top-to-bottom (and vice-versa) - thereby extending your subject into a long, stretchy scene!


Fancy seeing the world in topsy-turvy? With your Supersampler in hand, flick, shake, and twist your wrist for a wonderfully crazy perspective!


Feeling extra energetic? Put that to good use and move around your non-moving Lomographic object of desire! Flex your arm, extend your hand and get those four googling lenses into their face!


Allow your subject to prance and dance in front of the lenses as you keep your Supersampler super-steady!

Supersampler "Queen of all Multi-Lensed Cameras"

"One look at the quirky-looking Supersampler and you know that it's a camera like no other! This ultra-lightweight, low-maintenance 35mm camera fits perfectly in your hand for spontaneous shooting! Aim the Supersampler at your moving (or non-moving) subject, pull the ripcord, press the tiny button - and voila! You have just "sampled" your subject into four panoramic panels. So how on earth is this possible?! See those four beady eyes nestled in front of its plastic body? Those are the ultra-talented, super-sharp lenses that slice your image into four panels. Results are wickedly cool if your subject is in hyperactive motion, or if you prefer to shoot non-moving objects, you'll have to do the jumping and moving!
This lightweight shootbox operates without batteries, and needs a high ASA film (we recommend 800 ASA for all lighting conditions) of all kinds - negative, slides, color, or black & white. There are two speeds available - 4 photos in 2 seconds (.50sec/photo) or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds (.05sec/photo). No need to fuss with focus settings, since it has a fixed focus of 0.3 meter to infinity.

With its portability and convenience, the Supersampler is hailed the "Queen of all Multi-Lensed Cameras." Now you know why!


6.5cm (2.5") x 3.25cm (1.25") x 10.15cm (4")

4 Panoramic 20mm Plastic Lenses

Two speeds available: 4 photos in 2 seconds (.50sec/photo) or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds (.05sec/photo)

0.3 meter (1') to infinity. No focus setting required.

All 35mm varieties (color negative, slide, B & W) Outdoor use only. Bright indoor scenes will work, but the results will be somewhat grainy. Use 100 ASA only in intense sunlight. Otherwise, we recommend 800 ASA.

October 15, 2010

The Adventures of Mr. Fly - Gogirl! Magazine

The Adventures of Mr. Fly - Gogirl! Magazine

Sequel of Spinner 360 Technique Part 1

I posted spinner 360 technique part 1 yesterday, this is the sequel of the spinner 360 technique part 1, spinner technique 360 part 2.


thootbreaker spin result

thootbreaker spin ilustration from lomography
Shooting with the Lomography Spinner 360° requires two hands: one to hold the camera and one to release the cord. But what if you need one hand for something else and still want to take a picture? It's easy: you pull the string with your teeth. Attach something soft and tasty (like a cork) to the string of the camera so you can pull it with you teeth. Hold the camera in one hand and pull the string with your teeth. While the camera takes a picture you can ride your bike, pick your nose or shake hands with the president.


footlose spin result

footlose spin ilustration from lomography
Turn the camera upside down, pull the string and release it while you hold the camera close to the ground. This dramatic perspective recalls your view from performing a headstand only without a headache or your feet showing on the image.


rollercoaster spin result
rollercoaster spin ilustration from lomography
Instead of holding the camera on a horizontal level, hold it aslant. As the camera rotates in one full circle you’ll receive images in wavelike perspectives. The whole world magically transforms from a at surface into a receive images in wavelike perspectives. The whole world magically transforms from a at surface into a roller-coaster of forms and gures.


group hug spin result

group hug spin ilustration from lomography
Arrange all your friends and family in a small circle, hold the spinner 360° exactly in the middle, make sure it's in a horizontal position and spin it. It's good to have friends and even better to have them all in one picture!


make new friends spin result

make new friends ilustration from lomography
The Lomography Spinner 360° is not only for taking pictures; it's a tool for interaction and investigation; the ultimate form of socio-cultural communication! Take the Lomography Spinner 360° out on the streets, approach the object of your desire, hold the handle of the camera and ask him/her to pull the trigger-cord. The result: a total surprise to the unkonwing stranger ("uh oh what is that?"), a new friend and a lovely picture with both of you in it.

October 14, 2010

Spinner 360 Technique (part 1)

Technique of taking photos using a lomo camera will never run out. One of them is the technique of using the camera Spinner 360. Here are some techniques to use spinner 360, a reference from www.lomography.com 


standar spin
standar spin ilustration from lomography


overhead spin result
overhead spin ilustration from lomography


backflip spin rsult
backflip ilustration from lomography
manual and long time exposure result
manual&long time exposure ilustration from lomography

timescan technique result
time scan ilustration from lomography
Please be patient to wait for the next technique :))))

Super Sweet "The Diana Mini"

Super sweet, the Diana Mini has got plenty of style and features to the nines. With the flick of a little switch you can move from the retro square format to the amazing Half-Frame, giving you the ability to Shoot Forever, packing 72 shots onto one 35mm film! Her handy-dandy size and limitless creative potential is a revolution in analogue photography.

It’s actually an interesting little camera, and although there are other half frame cameras on the market, such as the Golden Half from Superheadz, the Diana Mini has some pretty cool features, namely being able to switch between half frame, and square images mid-roll, producing some bizarrio effects:

Lomography have priced the Diana Mini at 50euros for the ‘vanilla’ version. The price is  on the high side for a plastic half frame.

  •   Uses all kinds of 35mm film (up to 72 shots in half-frame mode per 1 roll of 36 exp. film)
  •   Shoots two film formats: square and rectangular half-frames
  •   Multiple exposure feature available
  •  ‘B’ mode for long exposures
  •   Cable release attachment and tripod mount available
  •   Compatible with Diana Flash

October 13, 2010

The Most Free wheeling 360° Panoramic Camera

Lomography Spinner 360

Lomography introduce Spinner 360, a camera designed to capture the full panoramic image. This camera has 360 degree horizontal angle of view. This feature is easy to use, users will only continue to hold Spinner 360 in one hand, and pull the cable with your other hand and then release. In one split second, the camera rotates around 360 degrees on its own axis, capturing every detail in your surroundings.

Spinner Lomography 360 has a 25mm fixed focus lens and using 35mm film. Panorama Camera Lomography Spinner 360 is priced 145 USD.

Features :

    * Uses standard 35mm film that can be processed anywhere
    * Creates up to 8 full 360° panoramas on a 36-exposure film
    * Rubber band drive + fully manual controls (no batteries required)
    * Manual long exposures
    * Sunny/cloudy aperture settings
    * Tripod mount