October 31, 2012


Build, bulid, and build everyday.... New buildings was built by people everyday.
There will be no space for plants to grow, if people bulid new buildings every day.

Camera         : Holga 135 BC
Film              : Kodak ColorPlus


why are you so shy?

Hey man, why are yo so shy?
I just want to take your picture
I won't eat you or send your picture to "plabaoy" magazine

Camera                     : Holga 135 BC
Film                           : KODAK Color Plus 35 mm
Girl behind Camera    : Omi
Model                       : Hasmi Ardhie

October 29, 2012

To Everyone Who Visit My Blog

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and leave comment on it. My apologize, I didn't posted some pictures for a long time. I'm busy with my job, my life, and I didn't have enough time to get some nice pictures with my cameras. Xoxo

The Eruption of Merapi

The Big Rock

severals months after the eruption

Camera         : Holga 135 BC
Film              : Fujifilm Proplus II
Location       : Cangkringan, Yogyakarta

Blue Sky White Cloud

Camera          : Holga 135 BC
Film               : Fujifilm PROPLUS II


I Love children. They're always smile, and their smile is genuine smile not a fake smile. I want to have four children after I get married with my future hubby ;)

Camera : Holga 135 BC
Film         : Kodak Color Plus 35mm