January 31, 2011

Disposable Camera (Rollei B&W Single Use)

Rollei B & W Single Use

-Built-in battery and flash
-Single use camera
Camera Type  : Point & Shoot
Film Type       : Black & White

January 28, 2011

New Diana Mini "Love is In The Air"

The latest camera from Lomography to greet Valentine's Day. The New Diana Minni "Love Is In The Air. Thia camera is just like the old diana mini , just a different of color.
Photo From Lomography

Features    :
• Uses all kinds of 35mm film (color negative, black and white, slides, redscale)
• Shoot half-frame shots (up to 72 shots per roll!) or square images
• Cute, pocket-sized, and lightweight
• Comes with the Diana F+ Flash
• Sky blue-and-white clouds motif and “Love is in the Air” written on the lens and lens cap

Camera Type   :  Zone Focus
Film Type        : 35mm

January 19, 2011

Friend Forever, Love, and Care

They are my friends, my best friends.

Yellow Octopus Toy Camera & Lucky Colorplus

January 14, 2011


Camera   : Octopus Toy Camera
Film         : Fujifilm SUPERIA 200 35mm
Location   : Malioboro Yogyakarta

Redscale Film in Your Toycam

Redscale film is achieved by basically placing the film upside down through the camera. This forces light through the red sensitive layer first, and thus gives the photo a reddish feel. To do this yourself you will need two normal 35mm film. Note one film will eventually be discarded. For this article I am specifically dealing with 35mm film, but using 120mm is also possible. Unravel the first film completely and cut the majority of the film off at the base, ensuring you leave at least 4cm remaining. Cut the leader off the second film (so the film is the same width) and lay the second film dull side up, and the first film shiny side up. Sticky tape them together ensuring there are no irregularities. Now for the fun part, in a dark bag or dark room wind the second film into the first film canister (scissors work best to wind it). Cut the film, and now you have your own red scale film. To tidy up the film, make an indent in the film with scissors, this helps to load the film easier.

I have heard that you can load the film from one canister to another by modifying a camera slightly, that way you do not need a dark bag or room. Unless you know how I would not attempt it. Try and let the canister sit for a few minutes, this will allow the film to maintain its new shape when you try to load it. The only down side to this method, besides the loss of a whole reel, is the fact that you have to remember to overexpose the film by a stop, this is due to the fact that the reel is now loaded in reverse, so light has to travel further through layers to show effect.

January 12, 2011

Road To The Sky

I took this picture while I was on a motorcycle. It was the most bright sky in the month of December. I took this picture using my favorite toycam.

Camera   : Yellow Octopus Toy Camera
Film         : LUCKY color Super New ISO 200 35mm
Time        : 10.00AM
Weather   : Sunny

January 11, 2011


Camera   : Yellow Octopus Toy Camera
Film         : LUCKY color Super New ISO 200 35mm
Time        : 11.00AM
Weather   : Cloudy

January 9, 2011

Expired Films

I don't know what's so special about the expired film. Many people want to try using expired film so do I, but I don't know where I can purchase expired film.

Crazy in Love

Crazy in Love

Camera   : Yellow Octopus Toy Camera
Film         : LUCKY color Super New ISO 200 35mm
Time        : 10.00AM
Weather   : Cloudy

January 8, 2011

Beautiful Hat

She is my friend, one of my best friend. She wants her picture taken using my toycam and this is it..!! Ratih in my toycam... ^^

January 7, 2011


New day has come. Let's start our life today,,, ^^

Camera   : Yellow Octopus Toy Camera
Film         : Lucky Color ISO 200 35mm